Monday, August 15, 2011

How to accidentally party - Part 2

Here's a clip of my dad and others singing this rubbish song that only people from India probably sing. It's hilarious because not only does it make no sense to me; I have only ever heard drunk people sing it... This is also my attempt to create a caricature of my Dad. Strangely accurate I would say...

But ofcourse, google proved me wrong. It's a very popular song where my parents grew up. It is a combination of a 1926 folk song called "meet me tonight in the moonlight" modified with Madras/Chennai language and slang.
Meet me tonight in the moonlight
Darling, meet me tonight all alone;
For I have a story to tell you
A story thats never been told.
Once a Papa met a Mama
Under a Banyan Tree
Said the Papa to the Mama
“Will ya marry me?”
VERSE IICourt court court court my darling
court is not a joke
If you want to marry me darling
come to the tennis court

See.. it makes no sense. The other verses (that are in Tamil) don't make sense either.

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