Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to embrace the summer.

It's 4am on a monday morning and I have never been more anxious for the sun to come up. So, I figured I'd update y'all a little bit.

It's officially summer, humidity at 120%, I'm basically just swimming though the air on a daily basis. My outdoor activities have cut down drastically and it reminds me of a cold winter in Hamilton. Just a bunch of people getting up to no good.

Today, I went fabric shopping. I don't spend a lot of moneys on clothes anymore and I love being creative, so why not? Found some amazing colors and materials in the heart of the city in Bur Dubai. My kinda shxt.

We weaved through the tiny little streets with the expert guidance of a Dubai housewife (the gurus of Dubai basically). They can literally make or break most businesses around here. You think I'm exaggerating? Read some of the reviews on

But I digress, I am Soooo excited to get a good tailor and get my summer designs made. Look out for the DIY posts comin up!

Now, back to waiting for the sun to rise.

summer fro, bro.

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