Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to hurt

Legit hurting right now.

It's my first day of starting training for a half marathon in February. A simple 6k intervals. I killed it.

Come back home and sitting here recouping on my yoga mat with my iPhone and my stomach is NOT happy. I suddenly have to try to subside a tummy ache. So I obviously tried every damn thing.

1) water
2) small breakfast with yogurt and fruit
3) shower
4) browse the Internet
5) tweet about my pain
6) sleeping in fetal position
7) Imodium
8) crying
9) text my mom blaming her for my existence
10) dying/tweet about the meaning of life

Nothing works. I am now ready to call my grandma to rub my belly and pray for me. You can start the funeral arrangements.

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