Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to wake up grumpy

This is rare. But lately, it's happening to me way to often. I go to bed with SO much on my mind and I wake up angry. Usually, I can go for a run and wash things away with sweat, but that hasn't been working very well either.

Yea, I guess you can say I'm goin through some shit.

I just deactivated my twitter. Those of you who are big on twitter probably understand why it can get overwhelming sometimes. I want to take December to focus on ME, my family and have a beautiful time with my grandparents to welcome 2013. I just want to be present in the moment and reassess my life without hearing the thoughts and opinions of several social networks.

Hopefully, I never get back on twitter. Realistically, I'll miss some of you... But hey, if you really care, I'm still alive!! And if you wanna reach out to me for anything, I'm here.


This is step 1.

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