Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to celebrate the full moon.

I don't think I'm hippy enough to completely embrace yogi culture- c'mon, let's just admit that it's a huge commitment to make. And what's the point in doing a half-assed job of it? I mean, chanting "om shanti shanti shanti om" just makes me feel like I'm calling out to my mom..(Her name is Shanthi).

But, that being said, I never fail to feel the positive effects of practicing yoga on my body. So, I indulge once in a while. And if your going to indulge in yoga, this has to be the BEST way to do it.

on the beach
with warm ocean breeze
at sunset
as the full moon rises.
(Actually, anything "on the beach" tingles my Canadian senses)
Al Qasr hotel's spa (Talise Spa) offers an amazing deal to practice your "downward dog" and "full cobra" on every full moon. For 200aed (96aed with, you get valet parking, a bottle of cold water, a cold towel and a yoga mat on the beach. The amazing view of the Burj is just a bonus.

After sunset, we did moon salutations, various warrior poses and breathing exercises for 90 minutes. My favourite is and always will be the bridge!  After working up a good sweat, we turn to the dark ocean, focus our minds and listen to the waves breaking at shore. I left my mat feeling so energized and blissful under the bright full moon.


 My view for most of the class (before we turned to the sea). The three guys on stage led us through the practice.


Pretty, eh?

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  1. SO jeal. This is defs close to one of the most cruel posts I've had to endure - when will I ever get to do this!? Ughhh. I love how they had warm illuminating lights on the instructors so that you could see extra clear. #smart