Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to ring in 2012.

ABSOLUTELY NO detailed planning followed by
traffic followed by a 
solid 2k run, thereby
complete waste of hair and make-up
found some amazing ears, became a celebrity.

Like honestly, after my one month countdown on twitter, fb, bbm, everything, for COLDPLAY on new year's eve. HOW could i forget to print the tickets? and HOW could i not remember until halfway to Abu Dhabi (an hour away from home). Unreal.

Amazingly, we found an internet cafe and begged a guy to print it for us. It all worked out, things were going great, until we hit TRAFFIC for over an hr. With 40 minutes to midnight, we jumped out of the car and did an amazing, invigorating, very necessary, soberizing, beachside run to the concert venue because we gave up on traffic. Half way through the run we realized our freshly printed tickets were still in the car. yep. we are THAT amazing.

My hair that took 45 minutes to style, curl, tease, hairspray? It didn't even see midnight. But I didn't even realize how bad I probably looked because I was too busy having the BEST nye ever. I hope all of you made it to and from ur parties/gatherings safe and sound. I know your wishing it was as classy as mine ;)


Sing with me! PARA-PARA-PARADISE xoxoxxx


  1. Not a bad start to the year especially since you managed a 2k run too.I missed the coldplay gig .heard it was amazing but it was a pain to get back to dubai @MuhammadAtif

  2. haha yeah!! Well we paid a driver to take us there and back. So it was much less painful.. the traffic was horrendous everywhere! Happy new year :)

  3. My new year’s resolutions of eating healthy have come to screeching halt since I had to order kfc for lunch today!!! Hows your cfa going

  4. passed my exams! I'm looking for a job now :) And ofcourse, keeping up my healthy eating trend. Hope the KFC was good!