Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to shack up

I realized something today; really fit people are not in the gyms. They are the men and women out on the roads and beaches and shacks of Dubai at 5.30am, getting dirty and sweaty before their day starts. So take note all you "5-star" waste of space gyms with towel service. Get your hands dirty! That's where the true reward lies. Especially with the growing crossfit craze in Dubai,  small personal spaces like the shack have amazing potential. Providing a sense of community and friendly attention, The Shack seems like a cool place to call your own.

After reading an amazing review of "The Shack" on Time Out Dubai (yes, I get almost all my Dubai info from here), I did the morning circuit with Bruce on Kite Beach, Umm Sequim.

6.30am. - first session begins. and I am SO late and lost.. what else is new? brr its cold at 19deg.celsius. but I start strong!
...8.00am - My arms are trembling and theres lots of sweat as I push hard to get through the last minute of pull ups (assisted, I'm not that cool yet)

As I stretched, I tried to remember what happened in between. Squats, lunges, pullups, pushups, rowing, spinning, intervals, everything. That was such a fun work out! And btw, the place is quite literally a shack. Can't wait to get dirty again. Oh almost forgot, it's only 35 bucks per session!! Check 'em out on facebook here.

photo courtesy of Goal Attained.
On that note, T minus 9 days to my first 10k !!


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