Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to run your first 10k

Make travel plans the night before; and definitely do NOT call ahead for a taxi. Clearly; the best strategy is to wander the streets in the dark for 5 minutes and split a cab with a stranger also heading to the marathon. At this point, BBM your bestie that you're now on your way to his/her house with your new-found friend at 6am. Be prepared for a text like "Sharon, we live in the UAE, don't do stuff like this". Noted.

Thank God for kind strangers from St.Catherine's, Ontario, Canada (it's such a small world)! Brian, if you're reading this, thanks for the awesome morning ride and motivation!! I couldn't have picked a better person to split a cab with. xo

Also remember to sneak in a pee at a random building to avoid the 15 minute line-ups at the venue. Be aware; the only way to do this is by convincing the security guard that you would be eternally grateful and indebted to him for such an exclusive opportunity. (I should be putting these skills toward my job search)

oh, and then you run a glorious 10kms =)

To sum it up... I would do it again. and again and again, AND I would do it harder faster stronger longer.
I definitely did not do my personal best. But, I made decent time and ran with people who gave me amazing motivation and kept me smiling through every kilometer.

Also a HUGE congrats to everyone who ran the full marathon and all my fit tweeps in Dubai. You guys are inspirational!! @bettyboodubai @bubblesdxb @missusmarshall @lovesredshoe @laida_vicente @katyvallance @donohof + all supporters.

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