Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to be amazed (Musandam, Oman).

Hi guys!!

EID MUBARAK..  we get a long weekend!! woohoo.. and finally, after suffering through the torture of a 3 hr accounting exam and a lack of birthday celebrations or halloween, it was time to take a breather.

Musandam, Oman
No camera can capture the gorgeousness that is Musandam! This peninsula in Oman, just a 3-4hr drive from Dubai is filled with nothing but mountains, sea and beauty. I hate taking pictures of landscape to share - but I had to this time!! We took one of the tours that took us dolphin watching and snorkeling around the islands off Khasab. It was worth every last penny because not only was the weather gorgeous, we got to see SO many dolphins (none of which photographed well) and we swam with some gorgeous fishies. I need someone to take me diving here!! Apparently there's a really cool shipwreck that's pretty close to the islands. Anybody? please? divers? c'monnn..

Disclaimer: The uae-oman border is a horrendous horrible shitty experience; but its a small price to pay for what lies beyond.

ps. I MISS YOU @nmerwin!! :( family trips are just not the same without someone to jump into the water with.

The view behind us as we drove toward Khadaf, the place where the dolphins live.

The camera-shy dolphins. There were so many of them! and they all travelled in families. So cute!


Dad and I kick our feet up on the carpeted upper deck of the traditional Arabic boat called an 'Abra'

The gorgeous man that helped us get on the boat. He was the best!!

oh hayyy.. wanna jump?


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