Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to know your roots.

With the amount of migrating my nomadic family has done over the years, it's really hard to know our true roots. The closest connection we have is through our food. The food our families make and the stuff that reminds us of "grandma's house" is what keeps us Indian, Chinese, Jamaican, Scottish, American, etc.... think about it!!

I'm not going to get into detail about my "roots", that stuff is worth an entire blog in itself... But you can educate yourself on wikipedia as always. (See: Madras, Nadar, Nazareth, South Indian, Jaggery, Toddy)

This post is completely inspired by the arrival of some sweet treats from India. My Dad brought back the coolest and rarest South Indian candy (which was actually brought to him by an uncle from the dirty dirty south). It's made with Jaggery & ginger and moulded into bite size weird-tasting things, it's really not something everyone enjoys. But i LOVE it.

The best part about it? The case that's woven with palm leaves!!

Two lessons from this:
1) packaging is everything
2) the best things in life come without nutritional information


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  1. Remembering one's roots is the funnest through food! Good post, also I looooove ginger; save me one? lol