Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to lose your phone and not lose your shit

About a month ago, I found a phone at my work building. It was brand new and clearly forgotten in the washroom.  So yes, I brought it to the security guard and left it along with my phone number making him promise me that he wouldn't steal it for his babymama. A couple days later I got a text saying "thank you for returning my phone, may God bless you"

I was so happy I almost cried. I didn't even reply to the text... I was just happy that I put out some good karma.

Now fast forward to Christmas eve, my iPhone goes missing without a trace. It's more than just a little heartbreaking.  But I sat hoping for a Christmas miracle.

So here it is in all its sappy glory. I am so blessed for a) NOT getting yelled at for losing my phone b) having someone to give me a phone without a second thought...I love you my handsome boyfriend.

Not only did I get a beautiful phone to use, I got a date on Christmas eve followed by unlimited family time and unlimited food and unlimited love.

I wish the same to whoever has my phone. I hope the little device is not the only thing that brings you happiness this Christmas..  In my mind this is like the movie "crash" mostly because it makes me feel better. Hope you save a life because of that phone or something along those lines.

Merry Christmas everyone!! I'm off to India for newyears tomorrow. God help me.

Stay tuned for adventurous posts.


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