Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to make an attempt.

Hey guys!

I just realized I had a 24 hr day last Friday. 4.30am to 4.30am! Is it safe to say that I officially have a life now?? ...Probably not.

The morning's first event - the Dubai Road Runners10k was my second 10k race ever and for someone who almost never does hill training (I live in Dubai and hate treadmills) I was pretty proud of myself. That 9th monsterously uphill kilometer was sincerely just a mental game.  And guess who was waiting at the top of the hill?? - A photographer!! lol - there goes my chance to get a good pic this time around. Life after that last kilometer though.... A+

My day was filled with genuinely good people, great food and phenomenal drinks. Endorphins FTW. Here are a few pics and hashtags to go along with them.
Gaucho boys.

THIS HUMMOUS was the best I've EVER had.
Times of Arabia #win

LAST - but definitely not least. #Tweetupdxb

How we really looked.
How we hoped we looked

*Hope you all had a great St.Patty's day! *BURP*



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