Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to stop "traffick"

Happy Sunday everyone!

While your probably inspired and riled up (rightfully so) about the KONY2012 campaign - just get off the bandwagon for a quick sec to check this out. It's a one day event - but a lifelong campaign and cause. There are many ways to help, and this is one way I did and you can too. So maybe one day when it goes viral; you can say you were there all along.

Here in Dubai, charitable events like this are not easily accessible or organized. Laura Farrier, uber Ashtangi and teacher at Zen Yoga, explained this to me as I met her for the first time last night. As human "trafficking" is such a sensitive issue in this region, it's not easy to legally slap it around the media. Secondly, dealing with money in the free zone area - whether charitable or not - is not an easy task either. The authorities here are unfamiliar with us and the goal is to make them familiar next year - eventually getting a bigger event going to get Dubai on the map. Laura's intention along with the rest of ours was clear on this issue as we took off into our practice.

Anyways, after 10 minutes of mindful silence, she graciously took us through our asanas and let us challenge ourselves comfortably.We may have not done the traditional 108 sun salutations, but the energy in the room was an A+ for a whole 2 hours. Thanks Laura! xo

Check out more pics here!

Love, light and all things bright xo

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