Monday, November 1, 2010

How to keep busy. Sort of.

It's been 2 weeks since I last posted and I feel like I've drifted off a little bit from the blogosphere already! I am determined to keep this going. So, this is what I've been upto ....
  • Trying to get a blackberry to work. I don't want to make this a whiney blog but OMG, DU get your effing act together and get me my BBM already!!!  
    • I sincerely take back everything I said about Rogers - I was wrong, DU has the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced
    • I give up.
    • WWJD?
  • Trying to get rid of my old phone with Rogers
    • Disaster, that is all.
  • Get my driver's license issues sorted out
    • Canada lost my permanent license in the mail. Lovely!
  • Investigating a certain "lapdance" situation. (Those who need to know already know - but Sharyn, you need to hear this lol) 
  • Watching a thousand hours of Gossip Girl
  • Seriously missing Halloween and all the drunkenness and wigs and glitter that it brings.
  • Deciding whether my Dad should move to Qatar - this story isn't even ready for the blogosphere.
  • Working out 
    • the benefits of a gym & pool being a flight of stairs away are endless!
    • unfortunately, KFC, "Chicken Tikka Inn", Subway, "Just Falafel", "Arz Lebenon" and a handy little Gelato shop are also like 2 minutes away.
  • Sunning
    • I never understood why dark skinned people can't love the sun; I love my perma-tan =)
    • Don't worry, I've been slathering on sunblock - like 60 proof is hella necessary though
  • Shopping
    • Honestly, does forever 21 ever NOT have a sale?
    • More importantly, somebody needs to explain to me why they have "winter" gear in stores. Scarves, sweaters, jackets, boots, etc are everywhere!
    • I want to see someone rocking winter boots in this country - I promise I will blog about you and creep a pic of u. watch out.
  • Sleeping
    • All those hours of sleep I lost in my four years of undergrad have ALMOST been made up for.
    • almost.
SO Really - nothing new happened in the past two weeks. Hopefully November will be a little bit more eventful and the blogs will get more interesting. Until then - enjoy my mindless blabber folks.

XOXO - I blame GossipGirl

Please stay and enjoy some shady pics from around town.

Pretending like this is my shoe collection or atleast shoe rack (at "New Look")

The Burj Khalifa at night - My dad saw them filming Mission Impossible 4 on it yesterday since his work is right there. Can't wait for the movie - and I HATE action flicks.

A fancy license plate on a car like this one means that they have some sort of social importance. A politician, a socialite, or just plain loaded for no apparent reason.

Date Palm trees everywhere look so pretty especially when they are lit up like this.

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