Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to wear shorts in November.

What's new?

We went away for a few days to beautiful Fujeirah for the Eid holidays last week. Gorgeous beach, loads of sun, mountains and endless amount of fun. But let me tell you folks - outside of Dubai, the other emirates in the UAE are not so welcoming to shorts and tank tops - atleast not outside of the resorts. I wish I could understand the words people were muttering under their breath (and i'm sure out loud as well) when I walked into a grocery store in Fujeirah with my cutest pair of yellow shorts and a v-neck tee. I imagine they were saying "wow, nice legs" or "whoa, that girl has gorgeous hair" or maybe even "i love those shorts on her - wonder where she got them" or "the colours yellow and salmon are surprisingly a great combo" 
.. yea, i'll keep dreaming
Women in their traditional garb were literally covering their children's eyes and men stopped mid-sentence to stare. I have never been more uncomfortable in my life! This is officially the moment I realized I live in a conservative Muslim country. Hope y'all enjoyed the show Fujeirah.

Other than the events that week, we got a new TV and like all customer service in Dubai - this was no different.I can't, I'm over it was from SharafDG #justsayin

The christmas tree is up and the carols are on loop, but we're still decorating

Time's flying right now- can't believe November is almost done! Nothing really significant has happened but I have a lot to look forward to...

The next two weekends are jam packed with Rugby Sevens, Akon and Creamfields and CHRISTMAS! Stay tuned folks.

Enjoy the rest of my bloggity blog for the next little while. xoxo

unlimited. all u can eat. indian vegetarian heaven.

We took the scenic route. This is my Mom being dramatic and gesturing as usual and there is a tunnel.

We found a banana tree at the resort - we HAD to!
Definitely did not take enough pics of the resort! Next time.

Stupid yellow shorts. I still think I look cute at the very least.

Ok, so we climbed a whole lot to get to this point and there were snakeholes EVERYWHERE. I'm still surprised we didn't get hissed at by a desert snake.

LEGIT DONKEY ON THE ROAD. where da camels at?! But this cute little guy was my fave! What's with the one stripe though?

Gorgeous little lamps and other clay things at a market off the highway.

Fruits everywhere.

Complaining as usual. SharafDG customer service and my dad.

Virgin Megastore fun times. Nishanth's look is real - Movember is going overboard here clearly.

not outdoors. this is a really creative mall !!

The outside of the mall. on one side.. this is the "Egypt Entrance"

Actually, there was a camel on the road on the way to Fujeirah. Scary

Disaster. Merry christmas folks - clean up!

so gorgeous right!?

At the beach in Le Meridien.

When it rains, the water that streams down from the mountains are called a "wadi" and they are brown and dirty as pictured here

We went to UAE's oldest mosque and I found this to be amusing.

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