Monday, December 6, 2010

How to welcome December.

It's Christmas time! And do you know what that means in the UAE? .. nothing really.

Well, my family likes to keep traditions strong. Considering the fact that we are hungover, tripping on decorations and sick of christmas songs within the first week of December- I think we are doing an exceptional job this year.

This weekend began with UAE flags and extremely tacky decoration plastered around Dubai for "National Day" (December 2nd)  and ended with my hair smelling like a chain smoker's. That being said, if anyone's thinking of visiting Dubai, you have to do it at this time of the year! The weekend was unreal and brought out all sorts of uniqueness in the city. Here's a little overview from National Day, the Akon concert and Rugby Sevens in Dubai:

Only in Dubai:
  • Can you see a Lamborghini with its wheels spray painted red black white and green. Not even Americans are this patriotic...
  • Your windshield could be hit with glitter and silly string coming from a Range Rover with a flag stapled to it... driving at a chill 140km/h   
  • If your concert ticket says "doors open at 7pm" they really mean 9pm and the show doesn't start until midnight.
  • Akon actually has fans?
  • And they are willing to pay 350 dhs ($96) to enter and 60dhs ($17) for a can of guiness?
    • The venue is a hall .. beside an Arab wedding!?
  • I am the tallest girl at the concert at 5'6" (with heels, but its still sad)
  • A girl I had just met said to me "No offence, but I think it's because of your darker skin complexion that these black guys keep hitting on you"
    • Who are you?
    • What's wrong with black guys?...No, What's wrong with my skin colour?
    • Don't be jealous.
    • I wish I schooled her right then.. I hope she reads this.
  • Smoking cigarettes is allowed indoors, in stadiums, in washrooms, at children, with children, and at my face apparently
  • Rugby is just an alibi for "Beerfest"
    • The Sevens stadium was SO much fun. Definitely the highlight of Dubai so far.
  • Rugby also means "every white person in and around the UAE must attend"
    • It strangely felt like home
  • Scottish man backhanded his kid - in public and then continued to drink his beer and smoke his cigarettes. He was wearing a kilt.
    • Did that really just happen!?
    • How many Canadian laws did this dude just break?
  • 50 metres away from the rugby venue is a camel race track and a camel market.
    • Ps. I am gonna try camel burger tomorrow. Can't wait!
I definitely had some great laughs and made good friends this weekend. Can't wait for Creamfields on Thursday!! oh and lets not forget Christmas shopping, Camel burgers and trips into the desert. I can't wait to share all my adventures with you guys. Miss you all tons xoxo Stay tuned!

Here are some pics and videos! Enjoy ~

Gearing up for UAE National Day - the hat was the winner this year

Ofcourse, Annual Xmas hoopla- this is all I remember

This came with my McDonald's Happy Meal. I was not entirely comfortable drinking it...

OUTSIDE AKON's "CONCERT". The band for an Arabic wedding I suppose. Look out for the video below..

Best picture I have. Sorry!

Ladies Taxi with a female cabbie. I just like that it's pink!

Crazy Kiwi!!! and us hiding from the sun at the Sevens.

This guy was awesome!

Gearing upppp

Burnt but happy.

Honestly, no camera can capture how pretty this sunset was! This was our view driving home from the Sevens


  1. Okay skinny mini, I get that you're trying to make me mention in this in every post. How does dubai feel about your ta tas hangin out in that tank top, they thought your yellow shorts were bad...pft! And camel meat! You cannot ride a camel and then eat it! AND not because I'm a veggie, but that's SO wierd!!! Although my family would probably do that too i guess, we're chinese. lol I want to go the Sevens!! And sing bohemian rhapsody with you guys, and then go to the akon concert and tell you that your skin colour is attracting black men....bahahahahah. what a chach.

  2. Honestly, I could've ran around in my bra and panties at the sevens and nobody would have cared. It just doesn't fly in some parts of the country. So I had to bring out the tatas for this one, thank you.. but yes, you would have totally loved the sevens! I miss people who don't think I need to bleach my skin -__-