Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to make a come back

Welcome-back-to-Dubai-Week has been pretty sweet. The weather's cooled down, I've been active in my squash league (finally) and I got my membership to @Core_Direction - unlimited yoga and BODYPUMP™ anyone?

Highlight of my week; watching Planet of the Apes at Dubai Mall  (@thedubaimall @reelcinemas). The movie was pretty good (I love you James Franco) but it was the service at the Platinum Suites that was unbelievably good. And it got me thinking, like damn - Why don't we have this in Toronto? Like how much cooler would it be to get your popcorn delivered to you with a pint of Canadian or Bud on the side while you recline in a lazy boy?

Turns out they do have this at Cineplex in TO. .. check it out: AND its much cheaper than Dubai ($18.35 in comparison to $32.40 here). Why hasn't anyone taken me here? Next time? You better...

For the record; alcohol was not served at the platinum suites, therefore Toronto's version is the automatic winner.. #TeamCanada!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to stay hydrated #fail.

Two weeks is WAY too short for visiting home. And I'm sure I would be saying the same thing even if I was home for a whole month. I tried my best to see all my besties and I think I did a decent job, even though it was often just for one dinner or lunch. I can't believe how much I missed everyone!

All the sappiness aside, I did manage to get some lululemon shopping done. It's the only exclusively Canadian brand that I could bring back without feeling guilty because I'm going to put it to good use (yoga gear). I also signed up for a 10 day unlimited yoga deal at @onesparetreat in Mississauga and kept myself busy in the mornings with amazing runs in the crisp fall weather followed by an hour of hatha yoga. Which was a refreshing change from the unstoppable-sweat-in-my-eye-runs in Dubai.

This is the reason why I was trying to keep myself hydrated with my 3 litres of waters a day when the following incident occured:
I always park by Sears at any mall, its just habit. It's the least crowded area and you'll never forget where you parked. So this time as soon as I got out of the car at Square One (@shopsquareone).. I felt like my bladder was going to explode as I started a steady jog into Sears; darted to customer service, got directions to the washroom and with my eyes darting back and forth; slowly begun to unbutton my pants as I approached the sears washroom. 3 stalls, one is wide open, clean and has toilet paper - deal! My pants were off before I turned around to shut the stall door. OH wait, NO DOOR. too late; i'm already a wide open washroom and OBVIOUSLY it had to be one of those long, never-ending ones too.

too effing late. Thank goodness my relationship with God was good enough for my instant prayers to be heard so fast. Nobody walked into the washroom for what felt like the LONGEST whiz of life.. how do things like this happen to me? WHY?

If I ever had any thrill-seeking issues, this definitely satisfied all of them.

Thanks Canada.xo