Saturday, April 7, 2012

How to Auto-friend

Hi everyone! Happy Easter weekend!!

It's just been one of those weekends where I constantly want to escape reality. When is it ever okay to complain without sounding like a completely ungrateful b*tch? Thank God for those friends that are family when family just doesn't cut it.

Thursday night was a time for reconnecting with my girls and concert-ing at Yas. I've known these girls since I was a wee little poop and I haven't been in their lives since '98 or something along those lines since I grew up in Canada. We went to a catholic school together and our parents were BFFs. So we are something like auto-friends. Friends by default. Family. You know, the ones you can't get rid of even if you tried. They are perfect!

We met this Emirati dude at the end of the night who kept me company while my friend went to use the washroom. Apparently he was "high as fuck" and been smokin hash. Alright, so the UAE is probably one of the worst places to be broadcasting this. But he continued with confidence; he worked at one of the leading banks in Abu Dhabi and he got a thrill out of smuggling in stuff. He was so very very keen on taking us to some after parties.

Hmmm I don't know where to begin! We didn't go, duh! And I don't want to make this a judgemental post, so I'll leave it at that. I guess I just wanna share this with my Canadian/American friends because they think Dubai isn't filled with fucktards. But listen, there are fucktards and sketchos everywhere. Thats an auto-unfriend.
Laidack Luke and Mister Outlaw (local DJ) were both on point for the entire night! A huge thanks to my beau for the tickets and chocolate xo

Yes, you heard right.


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