Friday, April 20, 2012

How to find community

There's literally a community for everything in Dubai. From Japanese anime culture to bridge clubs to surfers to alcoholics. And when it comes to religious communities; it's unbelievable that a Muslim nation can be this tolerable to diversity. I decided to check out the somewhat new Gurudwara in Jebel Ali since my friend had a business visit there last week and said the construction was beautiful. I've never been into one before and I know little to nothing about Sikh religion/culture, but what convinced me to check it out was the free food!

I walked in at around 1.30pm and got a FULL tour of the Gurudwara, the 411 on the principles of the Sikh religion, Gurus, religious texts/scriptures, and answered plenty of questions about myself along the way. It was interesting to see how dedicated people were to the religion and how rich the Sikh community in Dubai is, since it's completely run on donations. The place is HUGE with 3 floors and a fully staffed kitchen that runs almost 24/7. The food is free and they begin serving tea at 5.00 am after the first "keertan" and they continue with breakfast at 8, then tea, lunch, tea, and dinner.

After the tour, we got to sit down with one of the directors and have a nice Indian-style (on the floor) meal discussing religions and family and life. It was a nice break from the usual and a great meal with good people!

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