Monday, April 30, 2012

How to "talk like a vegan"

Every now and then, I have moments of incredible gratefulness and grounded-ness. Recently been accused - "you're talking like a vegan" truth.

First of all, I need to man up and accept the fact that being an accountant and making the dough means i've got to sit on my ass for about 12 hrs a day. I need a job that is resume/CV-worthy asap. But until then, #gamefacetroll.

On the other hand, I have a constant need for passion and, it's time to take my art to the next level too. I'm so excited to start teaching piano this summer! And I'll be stepping up the yoga practice with a goal to get my handstand perfected before heading to our family vacation in August. Serengeti handstand pic is goal one.
The ultimate goal is to be awesome at Kathryn Budig's workshop in November. I will eventually start sharing the yoga love more and more. Teaching is the best way to do this.
Working on my halasana and chakrasana now..

myfeet are ALLwrong. better pic next time :)

Now I just need a plan for all this drawing and painting I crave to create .... Any Suggestions? Hold up. Biz School Brain working. 

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