Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to be inspired. Part 2

I just went for a long, slow, mind numbing run this morning. While I reaped every last benefit of each drop of sweat, I couldn't help but miss my yoga mat. Is there a defining moment when yoga stops being a way of fitness and takes over your entire lifestyle? It's happening to me.

When I say yoga is taking over my lifestyle, I mean it happened (is happening) very unconsciously. Everything I eat, say, do, relates to how it affects my practice and ultimately; life. This is hard for others to understand. Especially my parents, and possibly a lot of you. But then again, if you have found a comparable passion, maybe you do understand.

Generally speaking, I come from a carnivorous, booze guzzling, dancing, Bible quoting, over-educated bunch. You think I'm joking but my next post is about to explain. I hope they, and you, can remotely understand the necessity to break the pattern.

In other news, my yoga teacher is back from Mysore looking like a lean, mean teacup-size version of herself. Happier than ever and sharing with us all the love and light straight from the source of Ashtanga. And I've already caught the India bug. Okay, see? I already sound full-hippie. The fact that she lost 4kgs (10lbs) in a month is just a footnote at this point. How beautiful is this....

This is a photo shot by Christine Hewitt. She is an AMAZING photographer and I'm so inspired by her art. Check out her tumblr.
I can't wait to get my camera out and do this shit around Dubai. Get ready for some yogi-art coming your way :)

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