Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to wear mildew.

Did you know:

-it takes 4 months to ship ur stuff from canada to the uae
-there will be mildew on ur rock and republic jeans when it finally gets here
-you will get sick from inhaling the mould and mildew while unpacking
-your grade 9 yearbook won't make u feel nostalgic as much as it makes you feel nauseous
-I haven't slept in my bed in a week.
-We have to wash atleast 20 loads of laundry
-I have to study for atleast 3 hours a day this week.

What the heck! When did this become my life?

The status of my disGUSTing room right now. Can't wait to get my organizing on

On a happier note, one of my favourite things is here! :)
and Ahilia, if u are reading this - YES. its urs.

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  1. K first, #icant....and you know why...(friends?)

    ALSO, why did it take so long and where was it stored so that mildew would grow!?