Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How is it March?

Usually, March marks the dreary end of winter and the bleak beginning of spring. But this time around, I'm 2 months into my CPA studying, all interned-out, and yet amazingly energized. My goal for the month is to get through my first (and most brutal) of four textbooks and to keep blogging! February blogs are up a little late - but March will be on point. Promise!

On a personal note - February has brought along a lot of changes, new friends, old friends and everything in between. I miss everyone back in Toronto, Hamilton and Ajax as usual, especially when there's so much to share! I hope everyone is safe this winter season and I can't wait to see all of you in August (hopefully).

Meanwhile here is a legit "sharon" story for u:

So, my weekends now include 8 hours of class. Not just any class, accounting lecture. Financial Accounting lecture. Please join me in an extended yawn. *YAWN*

And ofcourse, like all disastrous stories - this too begins with my dad. He was driving me to class, but actually to my car (which was at a friend's house from the night before) and we were ridiculously late and fighting the entire way... 8.30am has never seen the words that were coming out of my mouth.

I get there about 20 minutes late and I see a sign that says "Classes run : 9am-6pm". Great, all that yelling for nothing. Time to get a coffee.

Walk over to the subway across the street (Yes, Dubai has Subway) get myself a cookie and a coffee and head back right on time. Looking around I see everyone looking really GOOD (couple hotties) for such an early morning. I was getting settled in and as I took out my textbook, the girl beside me goes "are u writing ur CMA as well?" .. AH SHIT!!! I was definitely in the wrong class. How could I have not guessed with all the good looking people around!?!

But, what the heck - I was in the right place! This is where I was the week before and I'm pretty sure I was doing my CPA at that point. It took me about 15 minutes to figure out where my class was. I have to DRIVE over there.. I am an HOUR late at this point. And guess what - my Dad knew about this all along.

It's clearly getting harder to find humour in my life...

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  1. What do you meannnn he knew all along!?

    Oh sharonya, that was not a funny story, it actually irked me.