Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to bathe- moroccan style!

Do you know what a Moroccan Bath is?!?!

That was the question that ignited all sorts of curiosity in me. I just had to try it after my waxing lady told me about it. "My Dear, if you go for Moroccan Bath, you will feel like you just went to heaven" *Indian Accent* "your skin will be just soo soft soft"..

i'm sold.
Thursday Morning: Gym, Pilates, Moroccan bath

At the "spa" i'm led into a small room with a red two-seater couch on one end and a towel shelf across from it. There are 2 closed doors on either side of the couch. And i'm instructed to get into a towel and relax... So, as I was stripping down, I turn around to grab a towel and WHY did I see the masseuse getting out of her clothes too!?! She changed into something like a wetsuit as I sat down and waited nervously in my towel.
Finally, she tells me "open the door and get in the tub hunny"

For the next two hours I just felt like I was a car at a carwash in this completely tiled room. I have never ever been lathered up and scrubbed and buffed this way. After soaking in the tub, I was moved to a table that looked like what "dexter" does his kills on. And the lady literally resembled a mini "Mulan" except when Mulan had to pretend to be a boy and had her hair up the entire time.. yes, this is the best comparison I could come up with.

Highlight of the treatment: She puts on a layer of moroccan soap on me and tells me "Hunny, I be back in 15 minutes, you relax and dont get it in your eye, i turn steam on" 

Not only did I get the soap in my eye within a matter of 5 minutes, I got up to wash my eyes and I couldnt see because of the steam. Struggling to breathe, I step off the kill-table and step my foot right into the steam jet. DONE.... she must have heard me swearing because she knocked to see if i was ok in there. I think I managed a whimper.

However, I have to say- my skin feels amazing after! But I could have done without the steam burn on my ankle and looking like I was so high thanks to the soap in my eye. I guess that was my fault. But yea. MOROCCAN BATH EXPERIENCE - captured.

The kill table aka. the carwash aka. scrub table

the shiz that made my eyes bleed!!


  1. You are such a romcom. Like your whole life, I can't. Also I'm not read for a Moroccan bath but I will go to Morocco with you? deal.

  2. haha! I wanna get a moroccan bath in Morocco anddd then go topless tanning. #yeaisaidit

  3. Well that would be exciting if I didn't already do that in Cancun. #woops #bootyboarding

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