Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to SWEAT.

You know what's hard to do? ....Blog. Especially when you have NO life. Sad - but true. Excuse me for being inactive and useless. My life has dwindled down to studying in my PJs all day (CPA exams). Sound familiar?

The highlight of my week so far was my workout last night. And considering that I can barely stand up straight or walk this morning - I think it was a success. After reading about @coredirection in @Aquarius magazine this weekend (3 month membership + 1month free, unlimited classes, Dh1050) I was determined to check this place out. Located on Dubai Marina - it's about a 10 minute drive from my place. Since it was my first time at the studio, I got a complimentary first class!

Now, I wasnt expecting anything fancy, but I wasnt expecting a one studio facility either! But it had everything you needed. A studio with a stage for all the #zumba/#bodypump/#bodyattack enthusiasts which converts to a spin studio with movable stationary bikes and weights along the back.. it is NOT a gym.

I opted to do a "bootcamp" session last night - outdoors (think 40 degrees celsius with 100% humidity). WHY?

The high-energy class (led by Sharon - who was awesome!) started with a 10 minute warm up run along the marina, proceeded by mat exercises, body bar, weights and step circuits. Fastest hour of my week. My heart rate stayed at max for the entire time! And the breeze that was initially hot and humid started feeling much cooler at the end of it.

DEFINITELY going back for more. Besides, I just remembered that I left my usb key at reception, so I have to. #forgetful #preoccupied #braindead

back to studying for now. xoxo

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