Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to SUP (Stand-up Paddle)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadians (belated, i guess). I hope the turkey leftovers are keeping you happy and healthy through the week. Especially if your suffering from bbm withdrawal like me...

This past week has been crazy..

-I found out I passed 2 out of my 4 cpa exams... (2 more in November)
-I played squash in the tallest building in the world
-I got asked at the salon; "how would you like your fart ma'am?" (filipino accent; she meant my part, how I would like my hair parted). Which was the highlight of my week until...
- I swam with jellies and learnt how to paddle board!!

Finally got around to Stand-up Paddling this morning. I've been wanting to try it for a while and also since I read this article by @lululemon. Basically, it's a watersport (think surfing mixed with kayaking/canoeing) that requires the MOST amount of balance you can ever conjure up from within. I guess it's a fitness geek thing to do, because you definitely do not look as cool as the surfers. But the core workout is amazing! And if you are a yogi, you can definitely show off with your balancing skills. I had a very graceful fall once for the entire hour and a half that I was out there; not bad for a first timer I hear. Can you believe you can even do yoga on a paddleboard?!?! Hello core strength!.. We need this in Dubai!

I later saw some jelly fish swimming around... and was told that small sharks, big turtles and huge king fish are also super popular here. No more falling for me. We paddled out a little longer and swam for a while in the deep blue sea before heading back to reality... Thanks to Duco & Thomas at DucoMaritime for this awesome morning of sun and surf! I love the sea!! Who knows, maybe i'll get to do Paddle for the Planet next year.

Lmao at this pic though! Don't worry, I was in nothing more than a bikini... pics next time! xo
Disclaimer; i did NOT take my lesson with surf dubai.

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