Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to be "professional"

Hi Guyysss!!!

First of all - and most importantly, I PASSED MY CPA EXAM!!! Yay for being a "professional" and all that jazz. Second of all - I sang "Oh Canada" to basically all of Dubai in a dress and 4-inch heels on Al Nahda Rd. Yep, here it goes.

After a day filled with lovely messages and congratulatory phone calls (thank you everyone), I updated my resume with my newly earned credentials and sent it out to a couple of people. Might as well get a head start on the job search right? Right. Shortly after, I get a call for an interview. Oh, you bet i'll be there!

Let's fast forward to the point where I'm obviously very lost. During one of my several u-turns on Al-Nahda road, singing along loudly to Hedley's - "invincible" to ease the tension, I hear Brent Black (on @VirginradioDXB) make a random Canada joke. I honestly don't even know why I had to respond to that. But I sent a text saying "Easy on the Canada jokes" and continued my search for the office. 15 minutes to interview time. Not impresssive.

I'm like a guy when it comes to asking for directions, I NEVER do it. So it was a small miracle that I was standing here knocking on a cabbies window asking for "dubai airport free zone". As the poor guy was trying to explain to me; I absent mindedly answered my buzzing blackberry. "Is this Sharon?" .. "yes".."congratulations!! you have won a spa package and a chance to visit bangkok, under one condition". "What's the condition?".. "You have to sing Oh Canada".

Meanwhile; this poor cabbie has customers waiting on him. And i'm trying to pull off some kind of awkward sign language asking him to wait and help me as I sing "oh canada, our home and native land" 10 minutes to interview time. Did I mention I was in 4inch heels and a dress trying to speak Hindi?.. yea, this happened.

Needless to say, I aced the interview after getting good directions there AND won a spa package to "Thai Privilege Spa". Oh and did I mention I'm a professional CPA as of today?


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