Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to drive in a sandstorm!

I just HAD to show you guys how insane it is when the sand decides to have a life of it's own. Soo this is me being unsafe on the roads. xoxo

How to get lucky.

Like all good stories begin.. I was driving with Nishanth. This dude gives the worst directions EVER. "Just keep goin" is his favourite line in the car. Clearly, I know nothing about Dubai. Let's just say we ended up at Terminal 3 of the Dubai Airport.

Driving here is the worst... every "Khalifa" will flash their high beams at you and possibly blow u kisses as they drive by (Look out for a blog on that story)... So, this day was no different. The words that were coming out of my mouth were truly noteworthy. We were heading to "Irish Village" for St. Patrick's day. And no, it wasn't to drink and to have fun... it was to see if we won a trip to Ireland. Nishanth had a 1 in 18 chance of winning - and the luck of the Irish was definitely with us that evening. For one, we made it there on time even with our several detours - if that wasn't lucky enough, Nishanth's name being pulled out of a hat was UNreal!  

So, I guess we're going to Ireland! And the trip is sponsored by Turkish Airlines,  so maybe we'll visit Turkey as well. August needs to get here sooner <3 

These pics are from the rest of the night at a bar called "Barasti" at the beach- I won those hats for pouring the "Perfect Pint". Scored a 10/10 .. i'm going back to win the guy's shirt ;) .. and here's a little video from St. Patrick's Day at Irish Village..right before we got up on stage!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How is it March?

Usually, March marks the dreary end of winter and the bleak beginning of spring. But this time around, I'm 2 months into my CPA studying, all interned-out, and yet amazingly energized. My goal for the month is to get through my first (and most brutal) of four textbooks and to keep blogging! February blogs are up a little late - but March will be on point. Promise!

On a personal note - February has brought along a lot of changes, new friends, old friends and everything in between. I miss everyone back in Toronto, Hamilton and Ajax as usual, especially when there's so much to share! I hope everyone is safe this winter season and I can't wait to see all of you in August (hopefully).

Meanwhile here is a legit "sharon" story for u:

So, my weekends now include 8 hours of class. Not just any class, accounting lecture. Financial Accounting lecture. Please join me in an extended yawn. *YAWN*

And ofcourse, like all disastrous stories - this too begins with my dad. He was driving me to class, but actually to my car (which was at a friend's house from the night before) and we were ridiculously late and fighting the entire way... 8.30am has never seen the words that were coming out of my mouth.

I get there about 20 minutes late and I see a sign that says "Classes run : 9am-6pm". Great, all that yelling for nothing. Time to get a coffee.

Walk over to the subway across the street (Yes, Dubai has Subway) get myself a cookie and a coffee and head back right on time. Looking around I see everyone looking really GOOD (couple hotties) for such an early morning. I was getting settled in and as I took out my textbook, the girl beside me goes "are u writing ur CMA as well?" .. AH SHIT!!! I was definitely in the wrong class. How could I have not guessed with all the good looking people around!?!

But, what the heck - I was in the right place! This is where I was the week before and I'm pretty sure I was doing my CPA at that point. It took me about 15 minutes to figure out where my class was. I have to DRIVE over there.. I am an HOUR late at this point. And guess what - my Dad knew about this all along.

It's clearly getting harder to find humour in my life...

How to February.

So the Dubai Shopping Festival is on and I am still all shopped out from Christmas. Seriously, there aren't even any good sales around. However, I did find a HUGE abercrombie & hollister outlet so close to my house - its amazing...if your into surf wear, I guess haha. I KNOW I should be over it since I'm 22 - but I just cant resist those comfy sweat pants. My excuse for now is that i'm still a student and I need study gear.

Another huge thing that goes on during the "Dubai Shopping Festival" or DSF for short, is Global Village. It's basically the CNE of Dubai. A huge carnival and trade expo for touristy things. What's cool about Global Village is that all the little vendor stalls are grouped into countries of origin. So you have a seperate area for China, India, Turkey, Africa, etc. Well, you get the point.

There are these ladies making crepes (Arabic style) and it looked so good - ofcourse I had to get video. And ofcourse, I had to get yelled at by her for taking a video. My question here is .. why get mad that someone is taking a video without permission if your all covered up and unidentifiable anyways. I don't get it *shrug*  .. anyways, here's what I have before she yelled at me.

Here are some more pics from the night =) Please stay and enjoy xoxo

OK - not my best looking day clearly - but this candy was so GOOD - like chocolate flavoured cotton candy and it was from Iran. Notice the sign in the background that says "First time in UAE" lol

How to buy GOLD in Dubai.

NOT KIDDING. This is a real "Gold ATM" at the Dubai Mall. It's right beside the entrance to the Burj Khalifa...

There is legitimately a VENDING MACHINE selling gold ...Would you trust that?

I wouldn't.