Monday, August 15, 2011

How to be RICH.

20 billion dollars worth of gold, diamonds, silver and any other shiney thing imaginable.

No, that's not my personal net worth - This is the latest most craziest archeological find in South India. Six secret vaults in a Hindu temple in South India is STACKED with chests of treasures dating as early as the 8th century AD.

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

My FIRST question was: "how the hell did the Indian buggars not loot the place clean?"
1) Nobody really knew about it
2) The one guy who did find out in the 1930s; tried to get his hands on it but landed in a cobra infested vault and decided it wasn't worth it (LOL - I'm sure his reaction involved a "ah HELL nah, fuck this shit!").
3) The priests and the royal family guarded it with their lives

Now, five out of 6 vaults have been opened and they keep finding the COOLEST stuff. "Bags of diamonds, an 18-foot (5.5 meter) gold necklace, statues of Hindu gods and 19 kilograms (42 pounds) of precious coins" They say opening the vaults might be a bad omen (death by cobras?), but honestly, if I could get my hands on just ONE chest, or even HALF a chest, I would definitely take on the task. Obviously, I would immediately outsource the task to an Indiana Jones, Lara Croft or Jack Sparrow. And I'm sure my greedy friends would pitch in.

Wham bham, thank you ma'am. Job Done. PEACE OUT.

That's kind of what the Brits did to India while they were there for over 400 years. Greedily outsourced the dirty jobs and stored the treasures back in England. Today (August 15th), India marks 64 years of independence from the British. I just wanna say - HAHAH; you forgot 20 billion suckers.



How to accidentally party - Part 2

Here's a clip of my dad and others singing this rubbish song that only people from India probably sing. It's hilarious because not only does it make no sense to me; I have only ever heard drunk people sing it... This is also my attempt to create a caricature of my Dad. Strangely accurate I would say...

But ofcourse, google proved me wrong. It's a very popular song where my parents grew up. It is a combination of a 1926 folk song called "meet me tonight in the moonlight" modified with Madras/Chennai language and slang.
Meet me tonight in the moonlight
Darling, meet me tonight all alone;
For I have a story to tell you
A story thats never been told.
Once a Papa met a Mama
Under a Banyan Tree
Said the Papa to the Mama
“Will ya marry me?”
VERSE IICourt court court court my darling
court is not a joke
If you want to marry me darling
come to the tennis court

See.. it makes no sense. The other verses (that are in Tamil) don't make sense either.

How to accidentally party.

I know I'm supposed to be studying 24/7, no breaks, no sleep, caffeinated and irritated. But I just could NOT help myself this weekend. Our favourite household Leo is turning 50 and we surprised him with a VERY small, but a VERY fun party.

The kind that you finish a bottle of wine by 1am.
The kind where you lose all inhibitions past 2am.
The kind where your singing lady gaga and adele at 3am.
The kind where someone's wearing underwear on top of their clothes at 4am.
The kind where the guitar and piano accompany runny mascara and raccoon eyes at 5am.
The kind that's so memorable that you dont even remember.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Love you xoxo.

Monday, August 1, 2011

How to be frazzled.

Here are the things that are generating this feeling right now:

1) The fact that I have 2.5 weeks of studying left to do to pass an exam with like a 45% pass rate.. One of which I have already bombed.

2) I have to wait until OCTOBER to get my results. Has to be the worst part!

3) It is ramadan- do u know what it's like to live in a muslim country during ramadan? I don't either.. Finding out now.

4) Booked a family vacation to Turkey and then Ireland! (3 weeks to go!) But I can't even get excited until exams are done.

5) My brother is only gonna be with me for 4 more weeks :( .. But he's going to MAC! yayy!

6) It is bloody 50 degrees celsius outside. And not "feels like 50 but its 40"... ITS FIFTY DEGREES!  And somehow I'm still freezing in my room.

7) Just the fact that it's August. Almost a year since I got here..

8) I'm indulging in way too many dates. Not the kind with a boy- the fruit...I've always wanted to make that joke. haha.. It's date season!! And I know most Canadians don't like dates. But you haven't lived until you've tasted a fresh one.

The display in the grocery store for the season.