Monday, February 27, 2012

How to experiment.

I'll be using the next few weeks to experiment with my yoga. My favourite Dubai yogini @Jogini_ is off to India to practice Ashtanga with the prestigious Mysore yogis (follow her blog!).  Sending her so much love, light and safe travels today and hoping she doesnt get attacked on her way to morning yoga lol. *knockonwood.

I've been working on my headstands at home, and I'm always up and balanced in a few breaths. But omg, at the end of an ashtanga practice - I don't have enough banda to get my bum off the wall! Jo - when you get back, I WILL do this.

Please don't question the wardrobe choice here - I was just experimenting with the cam. Expect more pics and reviews of classes around Dubai in the next few weeks. And follow my journey on how vegeterianism is affecting my life and practice. xoxo

How to be vegetarian

OK - so, I might be using Lent to experiment with vegetarianism. Sue me.

It's been almost a week since I've eaten any kind of meat, including seafood and I really don't miss it (yet! I have 4 weeks to go). Albeit, I'm not a compulsive meatatarian - I enjoy the occasional steak and find nothing wrong with the taste of a juicy chicken. So what's with all the hype? And why are yoga practitioners and so many sexy celebrities almost always vegetarian??

I think it's a little crazy and unfair to be completely polarized on this topic. There are obvious benefits to eating more vegetables and easily absorbed plant based proteins. However, lean meats are not the devil; they are equally or more nutritious and protein-rich, but sometimes they are harder to digest. And most commonly meat doesn't come in a very "clean" form; so it's easy to eat crap when eating meat. That is all. In my opinion - regardless of what we eat, it just needs to be balanced.

That being said. I have been working out just as hard- if not more. My next race is coming up on March 16th for the Dubai Autodrome 10k and I'll be under a completely veggie diet - let's see how much of a difference it makes! I think cutting out the weekend shisha with friends is probably gonna be more beneficial.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to ARGHH.

Happy Belated Valentines!

I hate February! .. and it hates me back.

2012 - Unemployed, complicated boy situation... horrible.
2011 - Studying, uber complicated boy situation.. horrible.
2010 - Broke my face in Cancun, 5 stitches to the lip, complicated boy situation... horrible

See the trend here? ..And I'm sure if I think back hard enough, 2009 would have been just as eventful.

I tried my best to have a GREAT valentines day though. And it happened - a massage, beach, dinner. it was really good solo fun. And to add to all that, I've been working out like crazy, intense yoga-ing and training for another 10k in March. God knows I need all these endorphins. But I have to share with you guys the GROSSEST thing. my toenail is completely broken!!


How to be anonymous.

If anyone does it best, it's this guy. All around town there are random quotes that make you think "wtf" or "oh that's cool" or "effing hipsters".. Whatever your views on graffiti - this guy is making a name for himself in Dubai.

and..I REALLY WANT TO FIND HIM!!! Does anyone know who he/she is?

here's a tumblr filled with more images: Anonymous; Notice how all his graffiti have a signature? Its a triangle.