Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to be best friends.

One of my bestests from university days came to visit me in Dubai. I've had many visitors in the past, but this is the first real one for me.

Dubai is so appealing to the untrained eye. I can easily see me frolicking here until I see Carlyn get approached by a man in a white kandoora at the end of the night. It's all fun and games until someone takes you seriously.

On top of going down the tourist route, I gave Car a trip to the yoga room. Joumana led a level 1 class and Carlyn tried yoga for the first time ever. As a dancer and an athlete,  she found the ashtanga sequence challenging in a good way. I hope she gets into ashtanga when she gets back home! It was great to have her energy around me for a week.

And for me? Back to meditating about life, some serious prayer and a 60 day yoga challenge. Considering that I'm feeling super alone at home after my brother and bestie gone within a day of each other,  I neeeeed some self love.

Next post will give deeeeets. Ashtanga to a new level. It's on.

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