Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to take a breather.

Finally, a day I can sit down and be completely useless.

I just had a complete GTL day. Now i'm sitting here with my hair in a towel and just realized that it's been two weeks since I last practiced yoga. WHAT?!  To be fair, my piano schedule and my yoga schedule have been completely conflicting and there's nothing I can or want to do about it. #firstworldproblems?

Yesterday, I taught two kids (6 and 12), one with the potential to be the next Justin Biebs(but better) and the little one with the face and attitude of a diva. To have the ability to share my music knowledge, talk to them, and teach them things that they will never forget is so friggn NICE. I might not know where all this is going (life) but it finally feels like its heading in the right direction when I have days like this.

Now back to fitness, etc. I made a training plan for a half marathon in the fall. It's 14 weeks long and this week's total kilometers was 18km (6k, 3 days a week). Call me crazy... but eventually I'll be running up to 34kms a week, with long runs of 16kms once a week

With this Dubai heat in mind.... I need to step up my yoga. I can't wait for my girl @jogini_ to get her yoga studio in JLT up and running!!!

That's my June update so far. DXB hasn't been so interesting this month to be honest....


For now, here are some pics from around town. The headless skirt pic is a friend who wishes to remain anon. Hilarious pic though. Lols.

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