Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to lose yourself in a book

I read. I never really write about it or talk about it unless it really speaks to me. Shantaram is hands down one of the best stories I have ever read. Up in the ranks of Khaled Hosseini - Gregory David Roberts is SO bad ass.

I found myself wanting to tweet every line of the book. So hard not to!

The last page of the book has these gorgeous words.

"For this is what we do. Put one foot forward and then the other. Lift our eyes to the snarl and smile of the world once more. Think. Act. Feel. Add our little consequence to the tides of good and evil that flood and drain the world. Drag our shadowed crosses into the hope of another night. Push our brave hearts into the promise of a new day. With love: the passionate search for truth other than our own. With longing: the pure, ineffable yearning to be saved. For so long as fate keeps waiting, we live on. God help us. God forgive us. We live on."

And my favourite line from the book:

"We Are Made Out of Stars, You and I"

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